Saturday, May 22, 2010

kasih sayang...


Alhamdulillah... Praised be to Allah for still giving the biggest ni'mah that are Iman and Islam.

And Alhamdulillah, I can still be with my Fellow friends that always be with me what ever happen to me...

I want to picture my gladness to go to the Konvensyen gerakan Islam At Ampang yesterday.Alot of ilmu i got there.

One of versus of Imam Hassan Al-Banna :
' Kita akan memerangi manusia dengan senjata kasih sayang'

Peergh... Like a spirit absorp to fantastic the words he said...

I continue to muhasabah taht one way to make our da'wah stimulate persons around us is give them 'kasih sayang'...

Muslimeen by muslimeen, muslimat by muslimat, muslimeen by muslimat in the context of not harm each other( Tidak menyakiti antara satu sama lain)

InsyaALLAh, our dakwah will works. Even it takes a longer time.

remember my friends, spread your love or 'sayang to everybody. you will be love as the return back...

What goes around will come around...

-love hatiafnan-

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Salam Ukhuwah

Glad to be a muslim

Can feel two biggest ni'mah

Iman and Islam

Proud to be a Muslim

I'm Muslim

You're Muslim

So,be like Muslim(-ah)

Glad to know you

Please Allah..Please

Give me Your Hidayah...
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