Saturday, May 22, 2010

kasih sayang...


Alhamdulillah... Praised be to Allah for still giving the biggest ni'mah that are Iman and Islam.

And Alhamdulillah, I can still be with my Fellow friends that always be with me what ever happen to me...

I want to picture my gladness to go to the Konvensyen gerakan Islam At Ampang yesterday.Alot of ilmu i got there.

One of versus of Imam Hassan Al-Banna :
' Kita akan memerangi manusia dengan senjata kasih sayang'

Peergh... Like a spirit absorp to fantastic the words he said...

I continue to muhasabah taht one way to make our da'wah stimulate persons around us is give them 'kasih sayang'...

Muslimeen by muslimeen, muslimat by muslimat, muslimeen by muslimat in the context of not harm each other( Tidak menyakiti antara satu sama lain)

InsyaALLAh, our dakwah will works. Even it takes a longer time.

remember my friends, spread your love or 'sayang to everybody. you will be love as the return back...

What goes around will come around...

-love hatiafnan-

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Supporting material..


Huh.. feel revealed after cleaning ny room yesterday..
Now, my room is as clean as my eye so charm to look it.. he2..

Before i write this entry, I've read some of my friend's blog. They are so fantastic, good enough to be a good and marvelous 'daei'..(wow..what a big title hah...)

As i've told before, now, I've Been taklif as the 'amir' of Lajnah Ceramah and Dakwah.
I'm very proud to introduce my army in my lajnah.Muslimeen,first is my secretary, soleh (lot of help he has gave to me), syauqi( who always make me laugh and smile, abg. muzakir (who give a lot of advise to me), akmal( also give support to me) and lastly khairi (who always beside soleh.. best friend maybe..)

For Muslimat, first is kak Aisyah ( who gave a lot of help to me in every program I want to do), kak Bintul (always happy go lucky but still islamic..he2), Kak farhanis (the person i'm shy the most), kak hidayah, (always smile...) and Nurwati ( the very shy girl in my lajnah).

I would like to thank to all of you for giving support in what ever I want to do. Sincerely, I'm very happy working with all of you...

oohh.. forgot about main purpose I'm writing this post.

Behing a man, there is a woman... what's this? is that about love? or about mother?
If it is not, then, what else?

hah.. I want to tell you something.
Revise back the time that Rasulullah S.A.W received wahyu amomg 1400 years before. Back from the cave, Muhammad was very scared as what he have seen at the cave just now. Arriving home, his caring wife also feel weird about him because of his action like that.

Rasulullah go to bedroom and want to behave himself as that time, he still shocked. That time, Khadijah tried to calm her loving husband. Short of the story, Khadijah know that actually her husband is the last prophet and she do not have any excuse to be the first person tom become Muslim.

Now, I wonder if the time rasul go back home without anyone come to calm him. I think, Rasul that time do not know what to do and will continuously shock.

Relating in our everyday life as the person who try to ask for mardhatillah, we need to do the da'wah(menyeru org supaya mentauhidkan Allah). In this case, sometime, there are some of our muslimeen that have a very good talent in the world of Da'wah, always give advise, give ceramah, always doing the usrah and absolutely his 'amalan sunat' is very good.

After that, there are some girl that give him a support or congratulate him because of his advise and 'tazkirah' that has been given.

I look this thing into two ways, first, the positive one. If muslimat, give support or congratulate him because of his good deeds, he will feel that want to upgrade his da'wah because the sake of Allah.

But the negative one is, whenever muslimat give support or congratulate him for what he have done, he will also upgrade his da'wah but this time, it is to get more supporting aid from others and not exactly because of Allah.

And thats why we must firstly correct our 'niat' because of Allah.

we didn't mean to ignore the importance of support, but we must remember that sometime it is not good for us especially, the person who have 'sell' his or her life for the sake of Allah (da'wah)..

But, supprt also important because, at the time we feel so anxious or facing trouble, that support should be good for us to increase our spirit back.

We must consider about our support to others. we can give 'kata-kata perangsang' to others but be careful to it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

aku terdakwah...


Aku terdakwah...apa ni????

Sebenarnya, sewaktu menulis post ini, aku sedang mengendalikan satu program yang diberi nama Syabab dan Fatayat...

Melihat kepada persembahan mereka membentang, aku terfikir adakah aku mampu untuk memberi penerangan tentang hal-hal yang berkaitan Islam???

Mereka mampu menjawab dengan baik, tapi aku....

Aku menyeru orang supaya berbuat baik tapi aku........


Bukankah kita menyeru orang untuk berbuat baik supaya kita juga berbuat baik???

Kalau ada orang kata..." eh..aku tak boleh berdakwah la, xpela, aku baiki diri dulu"

Adakah bila dia sendirian tu, dia akan menjadi baik dengan sendirinya????

Kita kene menyeru orang lain untuk buat kebaikan supaya kita sendiri sedar dan tahu bahawa kita pernah menyeru. Bila kita ingat kita pernah menyeru kpd org lain, maka kita masih boleh mengubah diri supaya kita ikut apa yang kita cakap...

Salam Ukhuwah

Glad to be a muslim

Can feel two biggest ni'mah

Iman and Islam

Proud to be a Muslim

I'm Muslim

You're Muslim

So,be like Muslim(-ah)

Glad to know you

Please Allah..Please

Give me Your Hidayah...
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