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Monday, August 10, 2009


Alhamdulillah,because of His kindness and ‘Rahmat’ I can still achieve two biggest ‘ni’mah’ that r Iman and Islam.
Feel revealed after doing the Usrah last week….But something I think disappoint me.I feel that I cannot convey my words in the best way and I think what I want them to understand,they don’t get it.Poor me hah…
But whatever it is,I’m just telling them what has been obligated to them.It’s up to them whether they want to accept or what…
We discuss about solah,the first thing that will be ‘hisab’ at ‘akhirat’.
Like Rasulullah Said:
The first thing that will be count on a person at judgement day is ‘solah’.If the ‘solah’ is good,then other ‘amalan’ will be accept.But if the solah is not not good,other ‘amalan’ will not be accepted.-riwayat at-Tabrani-
Based from the hadith,we know that solah is very important to all Muslim and we must recite it whatever it takes.
I want to bring us to thing about one of the hadith by Rasullullah S.A.W:
Whoever among u that neglecting the solah,so u r ‘kafir’
From this hadith,we know that the differentiation between Islam and Kafir is solah.
Imam Hanbali said,whoever from his appearance do not perform the solah(pada zahirnya tidak menunaikan solat) ,that person is kafir.
While Imam Syafie said that whoever does not believe that solah is an obligation to him(tidak mengi’tiqadkan(meyakini dalam dirinya bahawa solat adalah wajibbagi dirinya) ,only that time the person is call kafir.
From these 2 reasons,if look deeply,what imam Syafie said is ‘lebih ringan’ than what has been said by Imam Hanbali.But whatever it is,Solah is an obligation to all Muslim and we must perform the solah whatever it takes.
Solah can make calm of our heart and with solah also,it is a way to recite the ‘doa’ for us to gain any favour from Allah…
-love hatiafnan-

Salam Ukhuwah

Glad to be a muslim

Can feel two biggest ni'mah

Iman and Islam

Proud to be a Muslim

I'm Muslim

You're Muslim

So,be like Muslim(-ah)

Glad to know you

Please Allah..Please

Give me Your Hidayah...
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